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Cube Il cubo Cube  المكعب घनक्षेत्र 立方体 Kubus Cubo Cubo

Calculating a cube

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edge length
Base area:
Diagonal on one face

For cubes those formulas hold:
Base area = side * side
Volume = base area * height
Surface = base area * 6


What is a cube?

A cube is the solid whose calculation is simplest. In a cube, all edges have the same length and are perpendicular.
For a cube, those formulas hold: If a is the side length, the volume equals a*a*a, the surface equals 6*a*a and the base area equals a*a. The diagonals on the side has the length a*square root of 2 cause they are diagonals of a square. The diagonal from one corner to the opposite one has the length square root of (a+a+a).

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Ein Wrfel.Side a
Side diagonal
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