Adding fractions

Adding and subtracting fractions

This calculator adds / subtracts fractions.
Fraction calculator for mixed numbers


How to add or subtract fractions?

It is very simple when the fractions are of same denominator. Then you just add the numerators.

And so on.

And if the fractions are not of the same denominator?

Put them on the same denominator… You could use prime factorization to find out the kgV, or you simply try to find a number divisible by both denominators.
Example: We want to calculate 1/3+1/5. A possible common denominator is 3*5=15. So we calculate:
1/3+1/5=5/15+3/15=8/15 .

Another example: We want to calculate 5/24-7/36. Of course, we could use 24*36=864 as denominator, but if we take a closer look, we realize that 72 is the kgV. So we just have to calculate
5/24-7/36=15/72-14/72=1/72 .

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