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Quadratic equations Equazioni di secondo grado quations du second degr المعادلات التربيعية द्विघातीय समीकरण 二次方程 Kwadratische vergelijkingen Ecuaciones cuadráticas Equaes quadrticas

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Instead of x, you can also write x^2.

Solve with the p,q-formula:

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x2+ x+ =0

Solve with the quadratic formula:

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x2+ x+ =0

This calculator solves quadratic equations by completing the square, This is a number you may add on both sides. Then you can use the binomial formula. A quadratic equation is an equation with a variable that may appear as square, i.e. in the form x.

Quadratic equations are solved by using the first or second binomial formula. Simply add a number, then use the binomial formula ""backwards"" (this technique is called completing the square).

Another technique is: use the general solution for quadratic equations of the kind x+px+q. The p,q-formula gives those solutions.

Quadratic equations

Mathepower can solve quadratic equations step-by-step and for free. They can be solved by completing the square, the p,q-formula or the quadratic formula.