Unit calculator

Units Unit di misura Units de mesure الوحدات والأحجام इकाइयों 长度和单位 Eenheden Unidades Unidades

Units: :
  • length : nm, mym, mm, cm, dm, m, km
  • weight : ng,myg, mg, g, kg, t
  • time : ms, s, min, h, d
  • area : mm, cm, dm, m, a, ha, km
  • volume : mm, cm, ml, dm, l, m, km
  Number and unit
(z.B. 25 kg)  
  new unit
(z.B. g) 

  new unit  

Write 7mm as 7mm^2

What's this about?

Units are used to describe e.g. lengths, weights, time, area etc. If you want to do sense-making calculations, it is interesting to transform them, e.g. it is not useful to tell the weight of a ball in tons.
So you need different units, and it can be a good idea to transform them.