Intersection line plane

Intersection line plane Intersezione retta-piano Intersection droite-plan تقاطع خط-مستوي अंतर रेखा रेखा समतल 线面相交 Snijden van lijn en vlak Intersección entre una recta y un plano Interseo da linha no plano

Choose how the line is given.
  • parametric equation:

     g: x =    + r 

  • Given through two points

Intersection with plane

Choose how the plane is given.
  • parametric equation:

     E: x =    + r   + s  

  • Coordinate form:

  • Point-normal form:

  • Given through three points

What's this about?

Here you can calculate the intersection of a line and a plane (if it exists).

Do a line and a plane always intersect?

No. There are three possibilities: The line could intersect the plane in a point. But the line could also be parallel to the plane. Or the line could completely lie inside the plane.

Can i see some examples?

Of course. This is Mathepower. Simply enter your exercise and it will be solved step by step.