Transforming plane equations

Transforming plane equations Conversione delle equazioni di un piano Représentation des équations d´un plan

Enter one of the three plane equations. Mathepower calculates the other ones.
Choose how the plane is given.
  • parametric equation:

     E: x =    + r   + s  

  • Coordinate form:

  • Point-normal form:

  • Given through three points


What's this about?

There are different ways to write a plane equation. The parametric equation consists of one point (written as a vector) and two directions of the plane. The point-normal form consists of a point and a normal vector standing perpendicular to the plane. The coordinate form is an equation that gives connections between all the coordinates of points of that plane?

How can I transform my plane equation?

Just enter it into our calculator. Mathepower then calculates the other two forms.