Transforming plane equations

Transforming plane equations Intersezione rette Transformation des quations d تحويل معادلات المستوى प्लेन समीकरण बदलना 平面方程互相转换计算 Zet vlakvergelijkingen naar elkaar om Convertir ecuaciones del plano Transformando equaes do plano

Enter one of the three plane equations. Mathepower calculates the other ones.
Choose how the plane is given.
  • parametric equation:

     E: x =    + r   + s  

  • Coordinate form:

  • Point-normal form:

  • Given through three points


What's this about?

There are different ways to write a plane equation. The parametric equation consists of one point (written as a vector) and two directions of the plane. The point-normal form consists of a point and a normal vector standing perpendicular to the plane. The coordinate form is an equation that gives connections between all the coordinates of points of that plane?

How can I transform my plane equation?

Just enter it into our calculator. Mathepower then calculates the other two forms.