Distance Point-Plane

Enter a point and a plane. Mathepower calculates the distance between the point and the plane.


Choose how the plane is given.
  • parametric equation:

     E: x =    + r   + s  

  • Coordinate form:

  • Point-normal form:

  • Given through three points

What's this about?

If you got a point and a plane in the Euclidean space, you can calculate the distance between the point and the plane. This means, you can calculate the shortest distance between the point and a point of the plane.

And how to calculate that distance?

It is a good idea to find a line vertical to the plane. Such a line is given by calculating the normal vector of the plane. If you put it on lengt 1, the calculation becomes easier. Cause if you build a line using your point and the direction given by a normal vector of length one, it is easy to calculate the distance.

Can i see an example?

Of course. This is a free step-by-step-calculator. Just enter your exercise and it will be solved.