Cone calculation

Cone calculations

 A cone.

radius Height:
Base area:
lateral height s:
Lateral area:

For a cone, these formulae hold:
Base area = pi * Radius^2
Volume = 1/3 * base area * height
Lateral height = square root of (height^2+radius^2)
lateral area: pi*radius*side height
Surface = base area + lateral area


What is a cone?

Ein Kegel.A cone is a solid created in the following way: Take a circle and a point right over the center of that circle. Connect this point with the border of the circle, and you get a cone.

What are formulas for cones?

These are the cone formulas: The base area equals Pi*r^2 (cause it is a circle). For the volume, the formula V=1/3*G*h holds, where G is the base area and h is the height.
For the distance between upper point and circle border, the formula s^2=h^2+r^2 holds (gotten from Pythagoras' theorem).
Last but not least, the furmula M=Pi*r*s gives the lateral area of the cone.

For further information, just move your mouse over one of the following words, and the corresponding piece of the cone will be marked.

Radius, Perimeter, Base area,
height, lateral height
lateral area surface volume

Cone calculation

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