Set of divisors

Enter the number whose set of divisors you want to have.

This calcutator finds all numbers that divide a given number.

Calculating divisor sets

What is the divisor set of a number?

The divisor set of a number is the set of numbers that divide that number. You can write it in set brackets and separate the numbers by using commas.

How do I get the set of divisors?

There are multiple ways. The simplest is to try out what numbers are divisors of the number.
Example: Let's find the divisor set of 12.
12 is divisible by 1, and 1*12=12. This means 1 and 12 are divisors of 12.
12 is also divisible by 2, and 2*6=12. This means 2 and 6 are divisors of 12.
12 is also divisible by 3 and equals 3*4. So we found two more divisors.
Now we can stop cause we already found the divisor 4. There would be no further divisors found.

What can this calculator do?

It can calculate the set of divisors of any number.