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Calculating a rhomb

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For a rhomb with side length a and diagonals e and f, these formulas hold:
area = (e*f)/2
perimeter = a*4
a = square root of (e/2)^2+(f/2)^2
Arcs are simply calculated by decomposing the rhomb into for rect-angled triangles.


What is a rhomb?

A rhomb is a quadrangle having four sides of the same length. Therefore, opposing sides have to be parallel and opposing angles have to be equal. A rhomb is at the same time a rhomboid and a kite.

How to do rhomb calculations?

The simplest calculations can be done if you know the lengths of the diagonals. The rhomb is uniquely determined by them.
The side length of a rhomb equals square root of ((e/2)+(f/2)), als can be seen by Pythagoras.
The area equals e*f/2.
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Rhomb calculation

Here you got a free rhomb calculator. Just enter some values. Other values will be calculated.