Quadratic functions

Quadratic functions Fonctions quadratiques

Converting quadratic functions

Enter your quadratic function here. Instead of x², you can also write x^2.

Get the following form:
Vertex form
Normal form
Factorized form

Get a quadratic function from its roots

Enter the roots and an additional point on the Graph. Mathepower finds the function.

Roots at and

Further point on the Graph:


Calculate a quadratic function given the vertex point

Enter the vertex point and another point on the graph.

Vertex point: (|)

Further point: (|)

Computing a quadratic function out of three points

Enter three points. Mathepower calculates the quadratic function whose graph goes through those points.

Point A(|)

Point B(|)

Point C(|)

Find the roots

Enter the function whose roots you want to find.

Hints: Enter as 3*x^2 ,
as (x+1)/(x-2x^4) and
as 3/5.

Transforming functions

Enter your function here.

How shall your function be transformed?

By in x-direction

By in y-direction

By to the

By to the

Find a function

Degree of the function:
1 2 3 4 5

( The degree is the highest power of an x. )

axis symmetric to the y-axis
point symmetric to the origin

y-axis intercept

Roots / Maxima / Minima /Inflection points:
at x=
at x=
at x=
at x=
at x=

Characteristic points:
at |)
at |)
at |)
at (|)
at (|)

Slope at given x-coordinates:
Slope at x=
Slope at x=
Slope at

What are quadratic functions?

Quadratic functions are functions of the form f_f(x)=a*x^2+b*x+c . This means, there is no x to a higher power than 2.