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Welcome to Mathepower!

Mathepower is a german website, established 2002. It is specialized on online-calculators. Just enter your exercise and it will be solved. In 2019 we started to make this website available for visitors from foreign countries.

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Here are some of our calculators that we'd like to recommend:

New: Linear functions!

Click here and just enter everything you know about your linear function. Mathepower will calculate the whole linear function.

New: Geometry renewed!

Geometry calculators are now also solving equations step-by-step using formulas. Take a look for example at right-angled triangles or cylinders


You waited quite some time for it, but since 2017 Mathepower also helps you with analysis. For example, it can do curve sketching , is also able to find turning, saddle and inflection points. The equation solver can also, of course, find roots of arbitrary functions.

What can Mathepower do?

Mathepower contains calculators for nearly every mathematical topic. You don't just get your exercise solved, but get also the steps explained. So you can
  • simply enter your exercise and get it explained, e.g. here for equations
  • work your own exercise
  • read explanations and examples
  • take a look at flash animations explaining geometry

How do i find the right calculator for me?

Either take a look at the menu, or you ask our search engine.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Mathepower has about 30000 visitors per day is completely advertising-funded.

Do I have tro register?

No. So just enter you exercise and get it done.